It’s flu vaccine time again…

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Flu vaccinations are now available at the surgery.

A reminder that anyone 65 and over or with any long-term health problems are eligible for a flu vaccine on the NHS. This includes:

  • all asthmatics taking a steroid inhaler
  • diabetics, heart, kidney or lung disease
  • having cancer treatment
  • had a stroke
  • carers
  • any stage of pregnancy


Hypertension alone is not enough. Click here to check if you are in an at risk group and to find out more about flu and the vaccination. If you are in doubt please ask!

We have various dates that we are running open flu clinics.

This essentially means no appointment required on the dates listed below. Please note that queue times may vary due to this. Alternatively if these sessions are not convenient please ring reception on 02476 641911.

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TUESDAY Nov 24th 14.30am – 17.00pm
TUESDAY Dec 1st 14.30am – 17.30pm
THURSDAY Dec 3rd 07.00am – 11.15am
MONDAY Dec 7th 14.00pm – 18.00pm
MONDAY Dec 14th 14.00pm – 18.00pm


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