NEWS ALERT – Dr Simon becomes Mayor

Dr Sacha Simon in mayoral robes with the Mayor

Friday the 5th December 2014 Dr Simon, Amanda and members of the WS-PPG were invited to the Mayor’s Parlour. The visit was most enjoyable and greatly appreciated. The group were made very welcome by the Mayor and Mayoress. This was a great team building exercise between the practice staff and members of the WS-PPG.

The Mayor and Mayoress kindly opened Whitestone Surgery’s Back-to-School Open Day in September. They were impressed with the surgery’s ethos of ‘ONE STOP SHOP for all health promotion needs’, and the integration of NHS and community partners.

The afternoon began with light refreshments and `festive` mince pies. This was followed by a `lesson` in the history of Nuneaton, the silverware within the Parlour and the gifts received from varying sources. The Mayor was also able to relay many interesting stories some serious some very amusing. The highlight of the afternoon came when the Mayor was describing the Robes of Office and invited members of the group to try them. Dr Simon duly obliged as you can see! He certainly looked the `part` and for a moment was clearly carried away with all the splendour. Hay, Vice Chair of the WS-PPG and Amanda practice nurse, also donned the robes.

On a more serious note the visit fulfilled many purposes; eg links with the Council, the Mayor and his officers, and an opportunity to share the progress and development of Whitestone Surgery.

Everyone thanked both the Mayor and Mayoress for a very enjoyable and informative afternoon. In a time honoured tradition, we were all wished a `Very Merry Christmas` on departure.

WS-PPG at the mayor's parlour 2014

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