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ALWAYS CONSULT A DOCTOR OR OTHER HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL IF YOU REQUIRE MEDICAL HELP. At Whitestone we aim to provide the highest quality care and are always happy for you to get advice from any member of the practice team. There are many ailments that patients often have but are not sure what to do about it and whether they need antibiotics or not. Often patients will contact the surgery, go to the walk-in centre or even go to A&E because you are unsure. Here you will find some of the best information that we have gathered to help you know what to do and when to seek help.

AcneNHSpatient info
Athlete’s footNHSpatient info
Back painNHSpatient info
Cold soresNHSpatient info
Common ColdNHSpatient info
ConjunctivitisNHSpatient info
ConstipationNHSpatient info
CoughNHSpatient info
Cradle capNHSpatient info
CystitisNHSpatient info
DandruffNHSpatient info
DermatitisNHSpatient info
DiarrhoeaNHSpatient info
Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods)NHSpatient info
EaracheNHSpatient info
GingivitisNHSpatient info
HaemorrhoidsNHSpatient info
HayfeverNHSpatient info
Head liceNHSpatient info
HeadacheNHSpatient info
Heartburn & IndigestionNHSpatient info
Infantile colicNHSpatient info
InfluenzaNHSpatient info
Insect bitesNHSpatient info
MigraineNHSpatient info
Mouth ulcersNHSpatient info
Nail infectionNHSpatient info
Nappy rashNHSpatient info
Nasal congestionNHSpatient info
Oral thrushNHSpatient info
PsoriasisNHSpatient info
Sore throatNHSpatient info
Sprains and strainsNHSpatient info
TeethingNHSpatient info
ThreadwormNHSpatient info
ThrushNHSpatient info
Travel sicknessNHSpatient info
Warts & VerrucasNHSpatient info

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