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On Tuesday 1st March 2016 all patients at Whitestone Surgery will benefit from advanced summary care record additional information sharing with our healthcare partners (eg hospital, GP out of hours).

Did you know - if you were unwell and being treated in A&E, the doctors may not have access to your full health records? This can cause substantial delays in getting you the best care.

You most likely have a Summary Care Record (SCR). Your SCR has important information about your health in it.

NHS Doctors and nurses treating you will ask if they can look at your SCR to help them treat you quickly and safely.

If they do not know about your care, your SCR could:
• Stop them making a mistake, because they can see your medicines, allergies or what medicines make you ill
• Help them see your GP information on your SCR straight away

Additional information added to your SCR includes:
• Your illnesses and any health problems
• Operations and vaccinations you have had in the past
• How you would like to be treated
• What support you might need
• Who should be contacted for more information about you

This message is for your information only. You do not need to do anything to benefit from this additional service.
• If you wish to find out more about SCR additional information click here
• If you wish to find out more about Whitestone Surgery’s practice policy on the principles of data protection click here

If you wish to opt out of the additional information service, please click the button below.

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