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Lynne Hastie-Fuller - WS-PPG Chair

Hi I’m Lynne Hastie-Fuller, the Chair for Whitestone Surgery’s Patient Participation Group (WS-PPG). We constantly invest in different ways to serve our community better and are always on the lookout for new friends. We have groups for everyone to join such as Computer Group and Caring Café and we are always looking to introduce more. Please let me know if you have any ideas for new projects? We would like to invite you to consider joining one of our teams either by contacting the surgery reception or click here to send us a message. 

Caring Café Afternoon Tea in Stratford Upon Avon

Caring Café afternoon tea Stratford Upon Avon 2023
Caring Café afternoon tea Stratford Upon Avon 2023 2

On August 3rd 2023 the Caring Café went for afternoon tea on the canal in Stratford upon Avon. The group consisted of 21 Caring Café members.

We had two mini-buses from The Crew, a local Nuneaton company. Although the weather has not been nice for this year we were extremely lucky that the day we went on our trip we didn’t get rained upon, the minibus drivers however were not as lucky.

We arrived at the boat, ran by Bancroft Cruisers. The boat was equipped with a lift that allowed a few of our group with mobility issues to board the ship with no problems at all.

Caring Café afternoon tea Stratford Upon Avon 2023 3
Caring Café afternoon tea Stratford Upon Avon 2023 4

Once everyone was settled down the boat trip started, not long after the best bit of the day came along and that was Afternoon Cream tea. As we ate our scones and drank lots of pots of tea and coffee, the lady who runs the boat started her guided tour up the canal, pointing out interesting buildings and gave us a brief background on some of the interesting things that  about Stratford. We learnt a lot about the RSC original building and the addition that we see and know today. It was interesting to watch kayakers, paddle boarders and people just gently enjoying the day walking along with canal and of course there was lots of waving back and forth between ourselves and the other people we passed.

Caring Café afternoon tea Stratford Upon Avon 2023 5
Caring Café afternoon tea Stratford Upon Avon 2023 6

As it usually is the trip was over so quickly we could have spent the rest of another few hours enjoying the tranquillity of a leisurely boat trip up the canal.

We returned to the minibuses and as we left Stratford-upon-Avon the heavens opened and it rained almost all the way back to Nuneaton. What a lovely day we all had and we look forward to organizing and planning our next trip out.

Are you a carer? If you or anyone you know would benefit from joining this group, please call into reception or contact us here

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