Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of the PPG is to be an independent patient-focused voice representing the views of the population and communities of Whitestone surgery. With specific reference to health and social matters that influence the strategic planning of the surgery while ensuring compliance to high quality standards. For further details of our Terms of Reference please click here.

We are always encouraging new membership so if you have time and would like to join us please click here and drop us a line. Alternatively, please speak to one of the receptionists who will give you the contact details.

Please click here to contact us by email. Alternatively, call in at reception where one of our staff will be happy to help you.

We are a very lively, diverse, enthusiastic and totally committed group always researching ways in which we can represent, support and ensure our patient population receives a service of excellence. Please click here to view the profiles of our current membership.

Minutes are published on our website soon after our meetings. Please click here to see these. Also this link will enable you to access our WS-PPG Information Leaflet and our latest Newsletter. Click here for our events page.

Whitestone Surgery offers an extensive range of clinics and services for the community. These include:

  • NHS Services
  • Whitestone Community Services

Please click here to find out more.

Yes, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out about our developments, social activities and news alerts.

Yes, please click here to view our gallery.

Care Navigation is a tried and tested model of care that improves access to primary care services for patients and reduces GP pressures all in one. It allows front line staff to provide patients with more information about local health and wellbeing services, both within and outside of primary care, in a safe, effective way. For more info click here.

Yes, our online service saves time. Click here to register. If you have difficulty using a computer please contact our Computer Club.

The practice staff are a team of healthcare professionals committed to doing everything they can to improve all aspects of health and well-being of those we come into contact with the surgery. To find our more info click here.

We value your feedback

Do you have any suggestions, ideas or concerns? Are you interested in coming along to find out more? Why not contact us or drop in at reception.